Updating July- August.

My! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I’ve been a bit… busy. These two little girls are keeping my hands pretty tied up during the day, along with our friend’s baby who is a week older than Calynn. It’s like having twins, only, I get to send one of them home after 8 hours. Along with that, my families keep me pretty busy too.

Things have gotten MUCH better though since the last time I wrote.  Calynn has changed so much! She’s a totally different baby since she’s seen the chiropractor. Such a sweetheart. She loves to smile and coo and make noises. Today, she was even laying on the floor and i thought she was going to roll over! She’s got some wicked leg strength! She’s slept through the night 3 nights in a row, but other than that, im still up at 3am everynight. We struggled for a while to get her to sleep before 10 but now we are sinking into a routine and can at least get her asleep by 9. Most days I feel like a walking zombie, and by the time my hubby gets home I’m either about passed out on the couch, ready to pull my hair out, crying my eyes out, or all of the above. I love that heis such a hard worker but DAMN! some days I wishe he was home at 5pm to help out.

Jo is growing like a weed. It’s so amazing to watch her grow. Her vocabulary has increased SO MUCH in just the past couple months!! That also means we have to watch our language around her because she may just slip somethin out…. she’s now sleeping in a toddle bed and I tell you what, she has seriously been the easiest kid (most days). She never once did anything naughty when we transferred her to her bed. No wonder why we ended up with another baby so soon 😉

Not only have we been super busy with the girls the past couple months, we’ve been busy with LIFE recently. My hubby’s grandma passed away at the end of July. She was battling ALS for 3 years. What a woman she was. I’m so blessed I even had a chance to know her. The whole family Celebrated her Life, instead of mourning for a long time because that’s what she would have wanted. So they had a couple parties, lit some chinese lanterns off, had a celebration of life gathering (visitation), and also her funeral the day. It was all Beautiful.

We also had Claytons five year class reunion, went to the state fair, my birthday, my sisters wedding, and most recently, labor day. Like I said, busy. September and October aren’t slowing down any either. This weekend, we are headed to the Tri State Rodeo. Finally getting to hang out with my best friends!  On Sunday, it will be our first wedding Anniversary!! We plan on taking the horses to Belva Deer for the day and then hopefully going out for supper and then enjoying the rest of the night with the girls and eating our anniversary cake ( red velvet, our favorite) :).

The next weekend we are going to Chicago to see Garth Brooks!!! Woohooo!!!!!!!! It’s a dream come true!!!!!! So pumped! The next weekend we are going to see Phantom Of the Opera!!!!!! Super excoted for that too!!! The weekend after that is my sisters baby shower AND  we have two wedding receptions that night!!! Then the NEXT weekend is the Girl’s Weekend trail ride!!! We are headed to Yellow River and I am so pumped! A whole weekend spent doing what I love most, being able to relax and also get a little rowdy with my mother in law and friends!!
A busy month coming up! I will try and post when I get the chance 🙂  It’s going to FLY BY! Making Memories each day!





Adjusting to having Two kids under the age of 2!

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I’ve posted…. Whoops! I guess that’s to be expected when you bring home a newborn right? even more expected when your older child is only 15 months old? Either way, it takes time to adjust. Adjust to a new routine, not spending as much time with your older child, trying to get a nap/ shower in, doctors appointments, going to the grocery store with both kids by yourself, (who knew that would be a big challenge), trying to nail a schedule for your newborn, breastfeeding while trying to do something with your older child. The list goes on for miles.

The first 3 weeks have been quite the struggle for us. Calynn came home and forgot how to sleep. We (my husband and I) would spend HOURS trying to get her to sleep, and once we did, 3 hours later, she would be back up and at it again 10 minutes later. So stressful! We tried everything we could think of: swaddling, not swaddling, crying it out, thin blankets, thick blankets, pacifier, rocking, swaying, walking, carrying, swings, bouncers, bouncing on an exercise ball.. NOTHING would soothe her, and she would either just continue to cry or just stare blankly at us… It wasn’t that she wasn’t tired either, she clearly was… we were DESPERATE to find an answer.

My next challenge with her was breastfeeding. Who doesn’t have challenges breastfeeding in the first few weeks? obviously everyone does. The most challenging and stressful thing I’ve ever had to do. Jolie was a lazy nurser, and never really wanted to nurse the first 2 weeks, until she hit a growth spurt and all of a sudden was hungry all the time. I didn’t know much about breastfeeding then and ended up with an infection and lost my supply and ended up with formula….
Well, I studied and studied everything about breastfeeding. I could tell you almost anything you’d like to know about it, but I STILL had complications with Calynn, no matter what I tried, talked to a couple different LC’s and STILL ended up on formula, mainly because she’s got some sensitive tummy issues just like jolie… also beacause she is a pig and thinks she needs to eat A LOT more than her belly can handle and more than I can produce!….

After that was all said and done, we were still having trouble with her going to sleep. Once she was asleep, she would sleep almost all night. So we got referred to a chiropractor. Very skeptical to go at first, but I had read about how they can do amazing things… so we tried it and guess what, A MIRACLE! She said when babies come out so quick like that, they’re skull bones get squished together and overlap and it causes them to be very uncomfortable and she did some cranial work, and Ta-Da! she sleeps SOOOO much better.

Our last challenge we’ve been dealing with our dear 3 week old…. COLIC. the dreaded word. non stop screaming and crying, and gassy, and uncomfortable, and caused from this overfeeding (5oz every 2-3 hours.. WAY TOO MUCH for a newborn).. THOUGHT maybe once we figured out the formula that it would stop but it hasn’t.. so off to the doctor we will go this week to get it figured out and also continuing going to the chiro!

Through all of this nasty stuff, it is truly frustrating and also hard to enjoy your newborn when things are tough! and that’s sad to say but it’s true. My husband has been amazing through all of this. He offers me breaks whenever he can tell i’m getting frustrated, which has probably been the only thing saving my sanity through this… He’s been cooking supper nearly every night these 3 weeks, and still helps with the girls after coming home from an almost 12 hour workday. Bless His heart.

Even though it’s tough right now, there are good days! Jo absolutely LOVES her baby sister, and LOVES to give her kisses! It is amazing how quick she picks up on stuff when she is watching me take care of the baby. When baby is crying, she brings me the Paci or tries to put it in Calynn’s mouth. Or when I sit her up to burp her, she comes over and says “pat” and pats her back. little things like that she is quickly picking up on. It is fun to watch them, and when Jo is making a lot of noise, Calynn listens very closely to her. The other morning, me and my husband were laying with calynn in bed and she actually SMILED at us, legit SMILED, not a gassy smile, or a sleepy smile, it was actually at us talking to her! Made us feel all warm and happy inside… She CAN be Happy, it IS possible! LOL!

Other than that, it is a beautiful day out! Glad to be able to open the windows up, turn the AC off, and let some fresh air inside! 🙂

Calynn Jo’s birth story

Well, as the title says, Calynn Jo has graced us with her presence!! Born on June 21, 2014. 8lbs 5oz,  19 1/2″ long. Perfectly healthy in every way!


Originally, I was wanting to go about this labor and delivery in a different way but towards the end of my pregnancy, I chickened out because I am simply a much nicer person when im relaxed and not in pain…. Well, let me just tell you that the unexpected happened and it was definitely a whirlwind of a night. …

So, if you dont want all the nitty grotty details, you can skip to the bottom of the post. Here it goes….

Friday night (June 20th), I was waiting at home with Jo for clayton to come home for the evening. At about 7pm, I started getting this aching pain in my pelvic/vaginal area but didnt think much of it because I had felt pretty good the whole day, no back pain even. I sent Clayton a message saying that it randomly just started hurting and the worrywart that he is said “im on call. Ill be home soon. Want me to have allison come over tonight just in case?” I replied and said no, I dont think anything is going to happen tonight because I feel fine, it just randomly started hurting so we’ll see if it goes away.

Fast forward to about 10 ( yes only 3 hours), we were getting ready for bed and I was notocing that this annoying pain was starting to come and go like a contraction would, but when I would stand up the pain would ease a little, they were very inconsistent, and still very far apart, and I could sit there and breathe through the pain almost like it wasnt even there. But I told clayton I thought I was starting to have contractions and so we called Allison, had her come over and stay the night and told her we didnt think we would go anywhere til morning but just in case,  we wanted her there…

Within the next 2 hours, things changed drastically, and honestly, we should have left home at 10. As we were headed to bed, we did make sure everything was packed and loaded so when we wanted to leave, we could just go. My contractions got much worse, all the pain still in my pelvic area, and everytime they came I would cry. I took a shower to see if that helped.. I told clayton he could try and get some sleep.
At about midnight, I woke him up.  I told him I couldnt sit at home any longer because the pain was so bad, but still 5 minutes apart. We decided it was time to go since we live a ways from the hospital.

We get in the car and haul ass. My contractions went from 5 min to 30 seconds and they were intense. Plus, all the pelvic pain I had spread to my back. So clayton really stepped on it; what normally takes us 50 minutes to drive to, took just over 30 lol.

Meanwhile, through all these contractions, all I could think about was water and how I was so badly parched  from all the yelling and crying… but he wasnt stopping so I would have to wait..
We finally arrive to the birth center. We get out and call to the front desk to let us in and walked back to the exam rooms. The night time nurses must have thought I was just in early labor because they dilly daddled and took their sweet ass time getting information pulled up and asking me questions they should have already had. Not only did we call ahead and told them we were coming, but I pre registered so ALL my information could just pop up. Meanwhile, im yelling in pain and pacing the exam room and begging for water. Well the nurse said ” I dont think you can have water” and I thought to myself and then said “even with an epidural you can have water, I need water”. Then 2 more nurses come in to speed things up. They asked me what I was at at my last appointment which was 3&70. So I took my clothes off and layed on the bed and she checked me. And HOLY SHIT did it hurt. The nurse said ” she’s at a 10 & complete, we gotta go. Call the dr.” Well my panic set in. I said are you kidding me, I dont even get my epidural? She said no but you can do it the hardest part is already over with. And I said I don’t even get any pain meds? And she said nope but I promise you can do it. So they’re wheeling me intothe delivery room. Im having a panic attack, all while my husband is just laughing at the fact that he’s never seen me yell so much in my life and about wanting water, and not being able to do much but hold my hand.

We get wheeled into the room and I transfer myself to the delivery bed. As soon as I did that, nurses started coming in and I felt like I needed to push and puke. I puked a little a couple times and said I need topish and they said so push! So I did. Well, the first push my water went everywhere at 1:19am, and 2 minutes later, Baby Calynn arrived. The doctor wasn’t even fully ready to deliver the baby. I have never yelled so much in my life or been in that much pain. I did tear some and boy did I feel it.

After Calynn came out, as they were weighing her, Clayton and I looked at each other and just said HOLY SHIT. This all sounds like a lot that happened  but from the time we pulled up to the door, to the time she arrive, we were there less than 20 minutes… Freaky Fast Delivery.

Pretty soon, we were the talk of the unit. Everyone saying that was one of the fastest deliveries they’ve seen. My doctor I have been seeing jasnt heard yet since she wasnt on call that night.

Socfrom now on, amymore kids and we’ll be scheduled to be induced early so we avoid future sotuations like that.

The rest of the weekend was spent with  family visiting baby Calynn and since Clayton got a little stir crazy, the let us out a couple hours early yesterday morning so we could come home.

I’ve been running on little to no sleep, but lastnight, Calynn decided to sleep from 8:30-11 so I slept then too and felt MUCh better. My body still has a lot of aches and pains. My stictches hurt everytime I sit or stand, and my hip is hurting from a shot i got. The rest of my body just feels discombibulated of course.

So that’s miss Calynn’s birth story; a story we will never forget and will enjoy telling people of it 🙂

39 weeks!


By now, I thought our baby girl would be here by now. Nope. I think I jinxed myself by having everything packed and ready to go this time. But we are still waiting. Sunday is my Due Date. I am doing everything I can to speed things up and nothing has worked, so basically I give up and just twiddle my thumbs til she gets here. Meanwhile, I have had some terrible back pain and on top of it all, today I came down with being sick. One hell of a congested nose, sore throat, puffy eyes. Possibly some sort of seasonal allergies since I seem to get sick like this around this time every year. But definitely not what I need right now to deal with. On top of getting no sleep, maybe my body is telling me im run down and need to recooperate… so here I am typing at 11:15 at night because my medicine doesnt work. And my nose won’t drain. Poo 😦

Other than that, as much as I dont want to, I will be induced HOPEFULLY wednesday if baby girl decides to wait that long; which, I am now starting to think she’s gonna wait. I’m mainly worried about her being 10lbs. Jo was almost 2 weeks early and was still over 8lbs. Yikes. So I’m freaking out about that a little. And also because of all the stories I hear about people being indiced and lalalala , it kinda freaks me out too. Although, the way it sounds, when my mother was induced with me, it went very quick and easy and that was 21 years ago… I was also her 4th kid. Not her 2nd… so who knows. Still freaking out a little… oh well.

Nothing else has happened this week besides my weekly doctor appointment. Healthy growing baby. Good heartbeat, my vitals are good as always, my feet are swelling, my back is hurting, im dialted to a 3 & 70% effaced, which last week I was at a 2 & 70, which, when I was pregnant with Jo, at 38 weeks, I was dialted to a 2 & 80 and had her the next day…. so after my appointment last week, I came home, made sure everything was packed, and was sure she was going to come soon… but she hasn’t.  And mommy and daddy are grtting impatient. Our friends who were due with theirs 2 days before us had their baby, so we visited them and oh she’s adorable!!! Cant wait until we have our baby girl here! Im sure Jo thinks otherwise. Her world is about to be rocked and she’s not gonna know why. But hopefully we can transition her smoothly into big sisterhood….

Im just rambling because im exhausted but cant sleep because of my conjested nose…. when I was pregnant with Jo, I had a congested nose nearly every night for probably 6 months or better and right now,  I can’t even imagine how I sirvived that, especially since I was working full time. Crazy. I think that means I’ve turned into a wimp…. lol. Yeah that’s probably it. And since im not aound a lot of people all the time anymore, I’m going to catch their nasty germs more easily now… woohoo?

Well hopefully my next post is something along the lines of “we’re having a baby finally!” Or “off to the hospital we go to be induced!” And I wont have to complain about being overdue 😉 

37! 3 weeks to go and counting!

So after my last post about the chair, I still havent found one. And I’m still rather upset about it. Whatever. I’m to the point, I’m just saying screw it to basically everything.

Had a check up yesterday, went well. Baby girl is moving lots still, beating my insides up, making it impossible to bend over and pick anything up. 21 days, 21 day, 21 days….

Over the weekend, Jo decided to eat the cement and got herself her first bloody nose, and I wasn’t even there to comfort her 😦 but it’s probably for the best, because at the sight of other people’s blood, I tend to get a little sick.

My husband on the other hand, one minute I love him dearly, and the next, not so much. Blaming it on the hormones. What kind of life would it be if we didnt have husbands who annoyed us 😉 on a positive note, he is supposed to be getting a “new” (to us) truck! 2006 Dodge 2500 Cummins mega cab. Only 90,000 miles. Laramie style. Much needed extra psace we’ll be getting…
And Hopefully before there’s two kids to haul around. It hasnt arrived to the shop yet because the person who currently owns it ordered a new truck and it was supposed to arrive a month ago and hasn’t yet. Talk about frustrating! We really need the space for the carseats because a crew cab just isn’t big enough for 2 carseats especially since clayton is a tall guy. And it will be nice to have a diesel so he can do what he wants on the farm with his own truck.

We did, however, finish buying all the rest of the items for baby, meaning for the next 3 or less weeks, I can focus my nesting o  organizing my house which I’ve already started doing! It feels good to have at least a little bit of motivation to get stuff cleaned before baby arrives because we all know it will take a while to adjust to taking care of 2 kids all the time!

Last but not least, I still really want to make carseat blankets/taggie blankets for people. I have 2 to make yet for some friends, but havent found fabric I like for them yet. Once I get those done though, I’ve been thinking of opening up an Etsy shop and hopefully getting more people to order! So that would be exciting!

It’s supposed to storm like a mad woman tonight with a good chance of extreme wind so we’re getting our basement cleaned up to potentially sleep down there tonight :/ praying to god it slides past us!

36 weeks!

36 weeks this week! holy cow. I Can’t believe how fast time is going.

I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately. Nothing pregnancy relate; maybe with the exception of the hormones 😉 I guess mainly, I’m just getting stressed out. And mainly all about a CHAIR!! How on earth can a chair make one person so stressed out?! It doesn’t help that my husband doesn’t give a damn about it at all, so having his help find one is not even worth it because all he thinks about is money. go figure.

Having the perfect nursery chair is SO SO SO important to me! and if I was a bit smarter, I would have started looking a lot sooner; but we thought the one we have was going to pull through and survive another kid. NOPE! that F**ker took a dump for good, and is being retired to the junk yard. Maybe someone can pick it up for free and fix it up themselves. All I can say is I will NEVER buy a glider/ottoman from Target or anywhere ever again. It started squeaking within a month of us using it, RIDICULOUS! But I dealt with it. about 10 months of using it, it was getting so bad we couldn’t stand it anymore, and that’s when I broke the first time, but we fixed it. Used it a couple more months, and it broke again. Thinking there was a warranty on it, we were going to return it or at least get parts to fix it. No warranty, no parts to fix, not even worth it. SUCH a comfortable chair, it’s such a shame it ended like that.


After reading MANY reviews on gliders, they seem to all start squeaking. So here I am looking for something different. I found a rocker/ recliner with great reviews that even has a bonus; it also Massages. well, mostly just vibrates. but how soothing is that after a long night awake with a baby!! so I put it on my registry (it was still in stock when I did that). Now that my husbands parents decided that was what they are going to get us for this baby, we went to order it, and it’s being discontinued, FOR GOOD! I have looked EVERYWHERE for this chair and nothing. just plain not available anymore. I was heartbroken yesterday (dramatic, I know, but seriously, I’ve never been so upset about a chair before), so I started looking for something else.

I want something that is more of a rocker/recliner because, like I said, I refuse to buy another glider/ottoman. we have an older one we’re currently using and it’s older, and made differently, and it squeaks as well. not because stuff is wore out, but just the wood squeaks because its old. I can’t deal with it anymore.

Anyways, as I’m looking for something, I have found 3 chairs that I think could be contenders except for one thing, PRICE! The one was at Babies R Us, and was on display and I sat in it, felt really comfortable. It, unfortunately was a (swivel glider) but unlike the other gliders, it had GREAT reviews, and even reclines. but it was over $400!! I REALLY don’t want to spend over $325 (and by “I” I really mean claytons parents). I’m sure if it was THE CHAIR they would, but I feel SOOOOO guilty spending that much on it. so I continued looking. looked at Walmart and Amazon. Found one on each. The one at Walmart is probably as close as i’ll get to what I want for the price I want. It was more of a Chevron fabric pattern and was also a swivel glider, but does not recline. UGH! Price? $369, still over what I want, but better…. The one on amazon however, may just be exactly the closest to what I want. Still a swivel glider, but has GREAT reviews, comes in the Grey color I want, reclines, right size (smaller than an average living room recliner) and overall is just great. Price? $499! GAHHHH!!!!! I wan to pull my hair out!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course, through all of this, all I want is some help from my husband, input, advice, help looking, SOMETHING! and he just doesn’t give a damn. He doesn’t understand how important this is to me, even though last night, we had a lengthy argument about it and resulted in us going to bed in silence. Dumb, I know. He doesn’t realize how many Hours a day are spent in those chairs, especially in the first months with a newborn! Not only are they worth the money, but its important to be comfortable AND have something that doesn’t squeak! No one likes to hear squeaking at 3am when trying to rock a baby back to sleep! Of course, he doesn’t ever deal with that because he never got up in the middle of the night with Jo to feed her, and even when she was a newborn and was sleeping in our room, he never even heard her crying, slept through everything! so of course i’m down right Frustrated that i haven’t had great luck finding what i want. (insert crying here)


Other than that, yesterday went well. I had my 36 week check up, and go weekly until Baby girl is Here!!! Did the Group B Strep test, and my doctor checked to see if i was dialated. Not open at all but about 50% thinned out. Baby is head down and right near my pelvis.. I’m ok with that. I told her that i REALLY do not want to be induced and will do what i can to avoid it, it baby decides to not comes as early as Jo. Jo arrived at 38w 2d, and i was measuring a week ahead, so probably about 39w. This time, i’m measuring right on track so I’m thinking I’m not going to deliver until at least 39 weeks this time. Only time will tell i guess.


We are pretty much ready other than that. Baby room is set up. just need that damn chair, and bassinet moved to our bedroom the closer we get, and we’ll be really ready.


other than that, It’s been pretty uneventful here. I’ll be much happier when i can sit in the comfort of a non broken chair 😦 it really is pathetic how something makes me that frustrated at this point!!

Happy Day! 🙂

35 weeks!

So this weekend, I will hit the 35 week mark!! Whoop whoop! 5 weeks to go! Count it! On one hand! 5! …… Wait… ONLY 5 weeks left? Possibly (hopefully) less!? I NEED to get my ass in gear!
This picture is actually week 34 😉


When I was pregnant with Jo, Clayton MADE me pack a hospital bag and have it ready because he didnt want to lose his mind while putting everything in the car. Truth is, I ended up packing a bag while I was having painful contractions and didnt pack anything truly useful and Clayton? He didn’t pack ANYTHING lol! He was right, he lost his mind and didn’t even pack a bag for himself! So he had to run to Wal-Mart later after Jo was born to get stuff for himself…. I worked full time for my MIL who is a tax accountant and it was during the heat of tax season (perfect timing right?) So therefore, the only clothes that fit me, were clothes I was wearing throughout the week, so my packed Hospital bag really wasnt packed. Plus all my bathroom supplies were being used daily as well!
Since I’m at home this time around, I can hopefully be a little more prepared… I mean, I already have a more detailed list of items to take this time. But This time, we have an extra human to care for, make arrangments, and pack a bag for her as well for her stay at grandparents houses.. Now the baby’s bag? I got it ready already! Go me! Only because I knew what I wanted to take this time for baby. ….

As far as everything else, I finally have a baby room set up, swing and bouncer put back together, carseat blanket made, clothes washed and dried and put in dresser. I still need odds and ends of things that I will be getting in the next week (ish). I just need my husbands help preparing OUR bedroom so we can move the bassinet and rocker in there. Which means he needs to dust and move dressers around and move the bed over… I’ve already tried doing this and pretty much threw my back out in the process… someone REALLY needs to keep an eye on me during the days when I get ambitious.


As for how I am feeling at 35 weeks? Like dog poo. Not everyday, but I can tell I’m starting to slip into a very uncomfortable zone. While I was Pregnant with Jolie, I did great the entire time. I had an office job where I sat and ate all day and felt great. It was winter, so we came home at night and sat and ate supper and hung out and slept. I am now home all the time, and everyone assumes I can be a lazy bum and eat all day,  WRONG! I now have a toddler to constantly chase after, up and down and up and down and up and down. My feet swell up on warmer days (awesome), so they hurt. I have heartburn almost nightly. When it’s warm, I sweat, and when i sweat, I’m crabby(be thankful I am not pregnant through the whole summer). I have braxton hicks contractions throughout the day, everyday, nothing painful or consistent, just annoying and uncomfortable. … and somehow, I still have to attempt to keep my house clean, cook food, do laundry, go get groceries, the list goes on. Keep my child entertained and somehow keep myself from being too uncomfortable, all while it is planting season for those farmers and I am constantly on call for a ride somewhere or something… HA!!!! People with desk jobs have it easy now!

I do have my good days however. Days where it is BEAUTIFUL out and we love to play outside. Have gone for a few short walks (I’m terribly out of shape and waddling very far is HARD TO DO with a stroller in front of me. Days where we spend the day shopping and gets both if us some different scenery and makes for a great day. And Days where I just want to nest and clean. EVERYTHING. so I’ll clean and bend over and pick stuff up. Let me tell you. It’s getting harder and harder, everyday.

I also feel so terrible some days because Jo LOVES to roughouse and play with me on the floor and it is so uncomfortable anymore to sit on the floor and you can tell she misses it. So I tough it out and deal with it and play with her whenever I can.

So that’s how I am feeling this week. Wonderful right? Im sure the next month, it will be much worse and I just can’t wait! (Sarcasm).

Other than that,  my husband’s family is preparing for his youngest sister’s high school graduation party!! Her party is tomorrow and graduation is sunday! I am so beyond happy and excited for her!!! So for the rest of the day, we will be over at the farm getting things ready, which I REALLY don’t know how much “help” I’ll be but I can try.

So we have a BUSY weekend of lots of people this weekend. THANKFULLY, it is not supposed to be hott and my feet shouldnt swell up too bad 😉